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Some examples of my bridal work

This is a ring pillow I made. It is made out of satin, with a chiffon ruffle. The fabric roses are also made from satin, and the rings get tied into two of them with ribbon.

I also made a veil for this same bride. It is a cathedral length veil, on a barrette, with a blusher. I made it in three pieces, so that when the ceremony was over, she was able to remove the roses, remove the cathedral length veil, move the blusher to the back, and put the roses back on.

This past September I was in a wedding and made my dress. To see more pictures, click here.

Finally, I have taken a picture of my wedding suit! Sorry, but I don't have any 'official' ones from the wedding (we had a really small wedding). This is an OOP Vogue pattern, #2822. It's made from a cotton brocade, underlined in batiste, and lined in Ambiance. I finished it in time for the ceremony, with three hours to spare (oh, and I planned it that way!).

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