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December 2002 Projects

I am making the costumes for the Christmas play at church. This is one of the magi. I still need to add some sort of fancy decorative closure at the top of the vest.

Magi #2.

Close up of the quilted collar and you can see the print of the fabric. Magi #3 is for my son, and his is too small to fit on the mannequin (the other magi are about 10 years old, he's 6.5). All the pieces are interchangeable between the 3 magi.

This is the adult angel. The bottom hemline is the same as the sleeves (I used an embroidery stitch on my machine, with gold embroidery thread). We decided the adult angels don't need wings -- there isn't much room for them, plus they look angelic anyway. :)

pictures of the pageant and costumes can be seen here

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