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Wears a size L or a 10/12 for pants. He's 53" tall and 65 pounds.
this Fingerprint Kit
this Forensics Lab
this DNA Explorer Kit

Wears a size 6. He is 43" tall and 40 pounds.
Book: If You Made A Million

Wears size 24 month for winter.
Loves to play with balls.

Book: Tradition With A Twist
Book: The Read Aloud Handbook
any of the True Blue Spa stuff from Bath and Body Works (especially the Like Butter Shower Cream and Heel of Approval)
any of the Relax Aromatherapy stuff from Bath and Body Works (the Eucalyptus-Spearmint scent).

Gift certificates to Sam's Club.
Verona Coffee (whole bean) from Starbucks.
Gift certificates to REI.

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