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I'm Linda. I've been sewing for a long time now, and love it. I live, breathe, and dream sewing!
I used to work as a dressmaker before I had my children (3 boys), and now I mostly just sew for myself.
I use these pages as a portfolio and for how-to pages.
To read and see what I'm working on and doing, you can read my blog over at blogger: Whatever Is On My Mind.
I try to keep it sewing related, but I'm not promising it's always that way. :)

I've put together a page of various sewing links (other sew-n-tell pages, sewing boards and e-mail lists,
some pattern companies and online fabric shopping) here:

Sew-N-Tell pages and other sewing links

Hey, check it out: my son is learning how to sew!
And here is where I create my stuff.
This is how I organize my fabric.

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Click on the portfolio that interests you:

Nursing Wear
Various Sewing

How-To Pages
Mock Fly Front
Hong Kong Underlining
Hem Split
Inseam Pocket
French Binding
French Seam
Flat Felled Seam
Turn and Stitch

Thanks for visiting!

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