Sewing for Babies

I don't sew much for babies, as they outgrow things so fast, and I don't think it's very fun, but, someone on one of my email lists had a very small baby (she happened to be term, but tiny), and was struggling to find time to make clothes for her. So, a few of us made some clothes for little Dani. I used a Preemie Yums pattern, sized for babies that are 4-6 pounds. And I did have fun sewing these up.

I fell in love with this ribbon at the shop, and just couldn't resist. Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have any daughters! I got all of these garments out of about 1/2 yard of 60" french terry.

I put a deck of cards on this shirt, so you can see how small it is. I was just amazed the whole time I was making these, that they would actually fit a real baby! I got them all cut and sewn in an evening.

To sew them together, I serged the cut edges, then lapped them over each other, and stitched them together with a twin needle. I was trying to make the seams as smooth and flat as possible, so that they wouldn't irritate Dani's skin.

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