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Some examples of my bridal work

Here is a wedding gown I made. The waistline is raised up in the front and it looked very Renaissance, and was a gorgeous gown (if I may say so myself! ~G~). We started with a McCalls pattern, and I made a million of these fabric roses, all around the neck/shoulder line, and on the back and hem.

This is the back zipper, closed. I like the look of the buttons, but I feel a zipper is more secure. So, this is a lapped zipper, with the buttons just for show.

Hopefully you can see this -- the zipper, opened. I put a underlay on the zipper, so it wouldn't irritate her skin. Most of it is put in by machine, except for the side with the loops; that is pickstiched in, catching only the underlining, so that it doesn't show on the outside.

She had a two year old daughter, so we made this dress for her, and she matched her mama!

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