Nursing Clothing

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Here is a nursing dress I made, MotherNurture 104. It's out of a gray fabric, with some lycra in it (3% or so, I can't remember the other fiber content) and is fully lined. Very comfortable to wear. I have a chiffon overblouse to wear with it. To see how I made this dress (the nursing access is really slick!), click here.

I found a picture of me acutally wearing the dress! I think I need to re-hem the overblouse, it seems to have 'grown' a bit on the sides over the years. The dress won first place in the Wisconsin State Fair last year.

This is Elizabeth Lee Designs #202. A long time ago, I saw a fleece lined sling in a catalog, and thought it was a fabulous idea. I used this sling a lot when the weather was cool, and Calvin was a baby. It was great, all I needed to put on him was a hat and mittens. I still use it ocassionally (2 years later). If I were to make it again, I would put the fleece all the way down to the end of the tail, instead of stopping it at the key/tie band.

This is Elizabeth Lee Designs #105. It is made out of a soft yummy rayon, and feels really really good on my skin! I especially like the shaped yoke, I think it sits really nice on your chest. About the only thing I would change when making this again is to make the nursing openings about 2 inches longer. This nightgown won third place in the 2000 Wisconsin State Fair.

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