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I made this coat from a faux fur/shearling type fabric that I bought at Vogue Fabrics. I lined it with brown satin, and it has welt pockets. I believe this is a Burda pattern. This coat won a first place ribbon at the 1999 Wisconsin State Fair.

This is a jacket that my husband designed, then I made it up. It is made from a wool boucle, wool flannel, and ultrasuede. I interlined it with Thinsulate, and lined it in hang loose. He says it's really hot to wear -- perfect for our cold weather. I bought the clasps at a local knit shop.

There is a welting of olive twill between the flannel and boucle. I mitered the corners, which made it pretty thick in some areas, and I broke many needles making this. My husband was in Colorado in 1995, and someone complimented him on this jacket. He mentioned that his wife had made it, and had the guy sign the lining. Turns out it was Scott Schmidt (hey, I didn't know who he was either -- some extreme skier), so now the lining reads "nice piece, Linda -- Scott Schmidt, '95" whoo hoo, my claim to fame! ~G~

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