How I do a mock fly front

*Reverse all directions if you are doing a mock fly for a boy/man*
For women, the right laps over the left. For men, the left laps over the right.

First, I fuse some interfacing along the fly extension. If this were a real pair of pants, I'd also fuse a strip of interfacing along the pocket seam. The pins are how I mark things. I've also got a snip where CF is, and another snip 5/8" in towards the fly. Finish off your CF seam now.

Next, stitch between the two dots, with a regular stitch. Then baste up the fly closed, along center front, with a long basting stitch. If you didn't finish off your CF seam before, do it now.

Now press the left extension along the foldline (it's 5/8" from CF).

Stitch the zipper in, using a zipper foot. Place the zipper bottom just under the dot that is marked on your pattern.

Now lay the right fly extension onto the zipper and stitch, keeping the pant front free.

On the front of the pant, press the fly to the right, and mark your stitching line. I use pins. Another idea is to make a template out of post-it notes or an envelope. Stitch.

The finished mock fly, partially open.

Here's the wrong side.

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