My fabric storage

Before picture, taken January 1, 2005.
No order to the fabrics at all.

Another before picture. There are also 4 boxes of fabric in the attic, plus some in the blanket chest in my sons' bedroom.
My goal this year is to whittle the stash down so that it is ALL stored in these cabinets.

February 14, 2005
After! What a difference rolling makes! All the boxes from the attic were emptied, and fit in here. I gave about 25 yards away.
Look, I still have room for more fabric! (I do still have to empty that blanket chest)

This cabinet is deeper. You can see what colors I like. :) The little pieces that are folded up in the front are short pieces of ribbing,
and the leftovers from my wedding suit (sheesh, it's been almost 13 years, maybe I should get rid of them?). Bonus picture of Connor.

I still haven't put the fabrics in any type of order (i.e. knits, silks, kids vs mine, etc.) In time, in time. Quilt stash is in a cabinet on the opposite wall, and is fairly small. I use the milk crates for storing current projects (though they need a cleaning out right now). The fabric piled on the top was just given to me (yay! free fabric!!) by a friend who is no longer sewing. I need to inventory it and then roll it.
Overall, these cabinets are holding about 370 yards of fabric.

I love how neat and clean it looks with the cabinets closed, but it's super easy to look through my stash now.

Big THANK YOU to Leslie for inspiring me to roll my stash.

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