my sewing room

for 'before' pictures look here and here

this is facing east, looking out of the front of the house. great view -- all the blank area after the trees is lake michigan (it's a county park, across the street). the storage underneath the window seat is filled with fabric. one of my goals for 2005 is to reduce my stash enough so that it all fits here. the dog has her bed in the bay window, connor naps in the moses basket. ms. belinda needs some clothes on!

this is the south wall of the room, on the other side is the garage. here is my sewing table, desk, and huge mirror. i'd like to get it reframed. i'd also like to take all the panelling down, but that's low on our list of house improvements. i need to freecycle the comupter monitor. the framed art and sculpture stuff are leftover from my dad, i'll probably reuse the frames for some artwork i like.

this is facing west. the door leads into the laundry and kitchen. on the left side of the bookshelf, behind the doors are photos, on the right side is my quilting stash. the bottom shelf holds all my threads magazines, and some other misc. mags (like AS&E and Stitches). the books are divided up in categories: embroidery, sewing, quilting, costume, knitting, and miscellaneous. the black binders on the second shelf are my pattern envelopes, burda WOF/topkids/Ottobre at a glance pages, and nancy erickson newsletters. the other black binders are household notebooks that will eventually end up somewhere else (manuals, warranties, etc). my pleater and embroidery threads are on the top shelf. i still have some boxes to sort through.

here is the north wall. the window looks out onto the front porch/door. you can see how the park goes up the whole length of the block. this is my ironing area (i am saving up for a gravity feed iron). the pile of fleece is to make bathrobes for my two older boys for christmas, and i have a few shirts to iron. the boxes in the hallway need to be unpacked and sorted, but otherwise the hallway is empty. i stacked the milk crates to store works-in-progress. i'd like to come up with something nicer looking, eventually, but it works for now.

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