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Sew-n-tell Pages

Terri's Photo Album -- I met Terri on the NMSL sewing list, and we have become really fast friends. We started by doing a few swaps, and I finally have found my sewing soulmate! Unfortunately, she lives on the other side of the planet....someday I will get to visit her! She does the most incredible smocking and the pictures do not do her work justice.
Kathryn's Kreations -- I met Kathryn, via Terri (above). Kathryn does incredible work, and has a fabulous sense of style. She also has made many costumes for school plays which are just incredible! Hopefully, she'll get pictures of those up soon (hint, hint, Kathryn!).
Gigi's Wide World of Sewing -- Gigi has some wonderful pictures of all sorts of clothing here. It's so nice to see some great fashion sewing! She also does some great reviews on and you'll be seeing her on SewingWorld.
SewGeeky -- This is a hilarious site. Sara has my sense of humor, and the Confession Booth alone is worth everything. I have sat here reading and laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. She's getting married, and so has a separate site for Going Bridal. Again, it's really worth checking on periodically, just for the hilarious weird articles she finds. And just where does she find this stuff??
Michele's Sewing Pages -- Michele is on the NMSL list. She has a pretty christening gown on her pages.
Sarah's Sewing Room -- Sarah is also from NMSL, and I think she does some great sewing too -- quite the prolific seamstress!
Micki's Pages -- Micki has some great how-to pages on converting regular patterns into nursing patterns.
Issey Miyake Vogue Designs -- OK, technically this isn't a sew-n-tell page, but I'm a big Miyake nut, and to have all his Vogue patterns all in one place to look at is way kewl!

Sewing Boards and Lists

Independent Pattern Club -- Home page of the IPC I belong to. We meet at a local independent fabric shop, and I love having the motivation to sew something up every month to bring for show and tell. Start one in your neck of the woods!
SewingWorld -- Bulletin boards covering many different sewing areas, and some off-topic gab too! For some reason, this site causes my computer to freeze up, so I don't go here as often as I would like to.
Heirloom Sewing and Smocking -- This is on Delphi, so you will need to open a Delphi account (free). -- Nice site that has lots of pattern reviews from all sorts of companies. You can request a review as well. There are also book and website reviews, and a stash reduction contest.
NMSL Homepage -- Home page of the Nursing Mother's Sewing email list.
Quiltropolis -- Home of many, many, many various sewing lists, covering all levels and topics.

Pattern Companies

These are pattern companies I have personal experience with:
LaFred -- Fred Bloebaum had designed some very classy patterns. Her directions are very clear and I think she has the best directions for inserting an invisible zipper (see here).
MotherNurture -- This is Terri's (see her at the sew-n-tell above) pattern company; patterns for nursing mothers. Her patterns have great directions plus a nice 'fitting finesse' insert. She takes PayPal now, so it's even easier to order from her!
The Sewing Workshop -- "The Patterns that Teach". These are very interesting patterns to make up -- and be sure to follow the directions! Many of the designs are inspired or copied from Issey Miyake designs, and so the pattern pieces can be very unusual shaped, and sometimes the construction sequences don't make sense, but they all work out.
Vogue Patterns -- I use a lot of Vogue patterns, mostly the designer ones.
Elizabeth Lee Designs -- Another nursing pattern company. Her patterns and directions are geared more towards the beginning sewist, IMO. The sling pattern (202) is fabulous; I make it up all the time for baby gifts, and made three for myself!

These are some good sites to either purchase patterns or search for one:
The Sewing Place -- Many independent patterns, categorized by designer or garment type. This is a nice place to bookmark to look up yardage info too. Also, be sure to check out the complete line of Ambiance lining (a color card is only $10!), and other notions.
Imodelle -- Are you trying to find a pattern? This is the place to search. Over 100 pattern sites are indexed here.

Organizing all that stuff....

The Woman of 1,000 Hobbies -- When I came across this site, I had an "aha!" moment when I saw her pattern system! This is how I have organized my patterns, except that I use my envelopes the other direction. I've taken pics of my system, I just need to scan them in and make up a page.
Get Sew Organized! -- Lots of ideas on organizing here on this site, plus a free printable stash form. I'm slowly trying to implement the stash form, as I'm also trying to reduce my stash!

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