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Some examples of my bridal work

This is the wedding gown I made for my dear friend Hollie. She brought me a picture from a magazine, and we copied it. The dress is made out of silk duppioni (it was such a dream to work on -- like tissue paper!), and I underlined the bodice and sleeves with two layers of cotton batiste. The skirt has a hong-kong underlining with hang loose, and the bodice and sleeves are also lined in hang loose. I was very pleased with how this turned out.

I also made her husband's vest (as well as the groomsmen). It has a full fabric back, real welt pockets, covered buttons and is fully lined

Yes, I also made her mother's outfit. This is Vogue 1543, an Emanuel Ungaro pattern. We turned the blouse into a bodysuit, and made a long skirt. The jacket fabric is silk duppioni, and the bodyblouse and skirt are made from a taupe irridescent organza, underlined with an olive green poly faille.

Finally, here is my dress for the wedding. It's also a Vogue pattern. I'm about three months pregnant here, and I think the dress is a bit on the big side. It seemed my bosom just kept growing and growing as I was making this! You can get a better look at the front of Hollie's gown here too. I also made her veil. We used the same buttons that were on her dress -- they ended up being the most expensive part of the veil (about $15 a button!) but really pulled the whole thing together, I think.

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