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Nursing Clothing

Please support your local independent fabric store!

I made this nursing bra from Elan 530.
The nursing access is copied from a well-worn and loved bra I had.

Inside out view. I like this one, but now I have Wild Ginger's PatternMaster Curves program, and so I'm itching to try that out, and have some satin-y bras (with matching panties, natch!).

My favorite nursing nightgown pattern, so far -- Mother Nurture 105.
This was made for a friend who had her first baby in January 2003.

Close up of the nursing opening, which is very well concealed. This was made from a thermal knit, and I have some lavender batiste set aside to make another one, using some heirloom techniques.

Both of these tops were made from Kwik Sew 2643 (now OOP).
I used the directions listed here, from Emma's Sewing Pages.
I'm very pleased with this style of nursing opening.
Both of these tops were made from knits I picked up at my local fabric shop, for about $9/yard.
I only need 1.625 yards to make a long-sleeved 'bOOb' top.

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