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Quilted dress up crown

This is also how I made the angel wings and collar for our christmas pageant,
which you can see here.

First, I cut a piece of batting the shape I want.
I think this is Hobbs Heirloom batting, leftover from a quilt.

Then I rough cut some fabric around the batting, two layers. I'm using lamé for this one,
but I've used funky cottons with great results too.

I'm edgestitching the batting to two layers of the lamé.

Now I trim the seams, clip the inside corners, and trim the outside corners.
I didn't bother to grade the seams, and I'm turning it right side out through
one of the sides, where the velcro will go to close the crown.

The crown is now turned right side out and ready for quilting.

Doing the free-motion quilting.

The finished crown! It closes in the back with velcro, and I added the jewels for a little flair.

please note: this tutorial is for personal use only.

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