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January 2003 Projects

Caleb has a classmate's birthday party to attend tomorrow (2nd), and I made
this crown for her present. You can see how I made it here.

A friend of mine had her first baby on the 8th, so I made this nursing nightgown for her, using Mother Nurture 105. The nursing openings are concealed under some knife pleats which in turn are concealed in the gathers in the front. I used a thermal knit, which should be nice and cozy in our cold Wisconsin winters!

Close up picture of the nursing opening.
Very well concealed!

Calvin 'helped' me make the nightgown. He loves to either sit on my lap while I sew, or stand behind me on the chair, or stand next to me on one of his chairs. Perhaps he will be a future tailor?

This is the European Pant by Loes Hinse, and the Basic Top, by Textile Studio.
Both patterns are very quick to sew! (and I haven't hemmed the pants yet)

On Tuesday (1/21), I received my Santa Monica Tee pattern, which I had ordered, and so on Wednesday I traced off a size medium, cut it out and sewed it up. I finished the hems on Thursday morning, and here is the finished tee. I am really pleased with it (and ignore my purple pants, I happen to be wearing those today), and plan to make a few more.

Saturday, January 25. Today our computer freaked out big time, and to stave off my feelings of I-Want-To-Bash-The-Thing-To-Pieces, I made this TS Basic Top (same pattern as the purple/blue number above). I had cut it the day before, and took care to match all the stripes -- which wasted a good amount of fabric, since they are quite uneven. I like the top though. (and, OMG, I'm wearing jeans! Now there is something you don't see every day....)

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