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Christmas Pageant

We did a christmas pageant at church, titled "Names", and I made the nativity costumes. That's me, second from the right, wearing my To The Point coat. The choir members are dressed in mid 1800s costumes (rented for this year -- that's my project for next year), as the church is located in historic Delafield. The choir had gone caroling earlier in the day.

The Magi were played by Tyler, Bryce, and Caleb (left to right).
I had a lot of fun finding the fabrics and trims for these costumes.

The Shepherds were played by Emily,Megan, and Cassie.
The stripe and gray fleece came from my stash, and I bought the black corduroy.

Another picture of the Shepherds.
Whatever fabric did not come from my stash, I purchased at Hancocks.

The adult Angels were played by Georgia and Autumn. I used a diamond embroidery stitch on my machine to do the hems with gold metallic thread. We opted out of doing wings, as there really wasn't room on the stage.

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